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July 04, 2018

Algeria to invest over US$5b in construction of hospital

Government in Algeria has set aside more than US$5 billion for the construction of ten (10) new hospitals and rehabilitation of others that are in bad condition. Companies that won the construction tenders which will be expected to cooperate with the government in delivering the projects by 2019. The new hospitals will add 5,200 beds to Algeria's curretn government-run capacity of 67,000.

June 30, 2018

Algeria Healthcare Project Report

Algeria's healthcare sector remains one of the most buoyant in North Africa, with an investment budget of US$ 267bn to be spent on major project between 2015-2019. With a rising population and growth of demand for healthcare services, Algeria's healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing in the region which has resulted in investment of new healthcare facilities and major hospital projects. Algeria Health has consolidated the Algeria Healthcare Project Report, which has all the information on the various projects and investment opportunities in Algeria's healthcare industry.

April 06, 2017

Billion Dollar Healthcare Investment Plan in Algeria

The new construction worth US$ 262bn throughout Algeria over the next decade of 172 public hospitals, 377 private clinics, 45 specialized heath units and 70 centers focusing on people with disabilities will increase demand for medical equipment and supplies, as well as medical construction services. Algerians increasingly turn to private clinics for outpatient care. Opportunities will increase for the design and management of such facilities and for sales of cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment equipment. Cosmetic surgery is not yet common, but consumer interest is rising.

April 06, 2017

North Africa's largest growing healthcare and pharmaceutical market

Algeria's large and growing healthcare and pharmaceutical market will continue to drive interest from multinational drugmakers over the forecast period. Meanwhile, Algeria's pharmaceutical exports will continue to expand as the country gradually strengthens its position as a key drug manufacturing hub in the Middle East and Africa region. Import restrictions and market access barriers are set to benefit drugmakers that engage in domestic production or joint ventures with local manufacturers, although the Algerian market w ill remain dependent on imported high-end pharmaceuticals given limited local production capacity for these products .

April 06, 2017

Investment in expanding clinics and hospitals improving Algeria's health indicators

Over the past five decades Algeria has made significant progress in the provision of health care to its citizens and tackling communicable diseases. Although basic health indicators have improved and living standards have risen, the country has witnessed an increase in chronic diseases, a common occurrence in a number of emerging markets, and these now represent the main burden on the country’s health care system

April 04, 2017

Algeria ranks as fourth largest economy in the work

Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world and the largest in Africa with a GDP of US$ 219.45bn and continues to grow steadily by three percent annually.

April 03, 2017

North Africa Healthcare Investments Present Opportunity

Expanding populations combined with consumers that are increasingly looking to spend their own money on private healthcare, North Africa is becoming more attractive to private equity firms with an appetite for investing in healthcare. Following a turbulent time for North African governments during the Arab Spring, many of these countries now have poorly funded healthcare systems. This underinvestment provides opportunities for private equity firms to invest.

Algeria: New Law On Health to Support Access to Healthcare, Modernize Sector

Algiers — The bill on health, adopted Tuesday by the Council of Ministers chaired by President Bouteflika, aims at supporting access to health care, particularly for individuals in need, and provides for the establishment of a health e-card and a file for each patient.

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